Organizing the Next Beach Clean Up

Aussies love the beach and the ocean probably as much as they love the sunshine. This is a part of everyone’s life and is something that we know will continue for the generations to come. Unfortunately, the more people go to the beaches, the more rubbish and waste are left behind at the end of the day.

We baby boomers are concerned about this and want to do something to help. We regularly organise beach clean ups and rehabilitation programs in order to leave a mark in this generation. We want to be known as people who care about the kind of world we will leave to our children and grand children. Some of the notable projects we have done is setting up rubbish stations which are divided into biodegradable, non-biodegradable and one bin for recyclable materials. These can be located in strategic areas of beaches and public parks and helps minimise littering in these public areas.

We are also one of the first groups to respond in case of environmental emergencies such as forest fires and oil spills. Our group, although small, can also be counted for support in activities that concern animals and the environment in general. These coming months, the group will be planning additional beach clean up programs. The plans are extensive and members will be coming in from different areas. To help keep files and other materials organised, we use cloud storage in Australia. Instead of sending emails with dozens of bulky files, attachments and images, we just keep everything on cloud storage for easy access. We just share the files or folders to the concerned members and they can access or download it from anywhere – even on their smartphones or tablets. It is also a good way to back up date from your personal computers or laptops. You just never know when these things will bog down, so better be safe than sorry.

People have this general impression that baby boomers are nothing but party goers and spoiled brats who are well past the prime of their lives. What most people don’t realise is that we want to give back more to this world than we have ever received from it. It’s a big effort, but we do try.

What Environmental Organizations Do

We only have one world to live in. Whether you live in another country, have a different race, language, age, gender and lifestyle, we still share the same planet. This is why all of us should work together, hand in hand to make it a better place to live in. Unfortunately, this is not what’s happening right now. Our world is slowly deteriorating. Pollution, damage to the natural resources and global warming can be experienced. There are organizations that aim to save the environment and you can be a volunteer. What do these environmental organizations usually do? Let’s take a look.


They usually investigate on various issues concerning the environment like improper garbage disposal, oil leaks, illegal logging, etc. The organization then studies the situation and thinks of possible solutions on how these problems can be resolved. They determine the best action to take in order to resolve the problem.

Bring Awareness

Since many people are not aware or are not taking part in conserving the environment, these organizations reach out to people and educate them on what they can do to save the planet. They impart their knowledge and skills to others so they can help them do their part, even on their small little ways.


These organizations do not just spread information, but they also serve as role models to other people. They usually have various projects and activities like clean up drive, recycling and tree planting. Members of these organizations are committed to doing what they can in keeping the environment safe and clean.

Environmental organizations usually accept members of any age. Whether you’re young or old, you can find an organization that you can join in. Many seniors who have retired from work spend their time in joining organizations like these. Since their programs usually involve travelling to different places to impart knowledge and doing various activities for their projects, they need to have energy in order to keep up.

If you would like to participate in these groups, but you have low energy level, you may consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This is a hormone therapy that can help increase your energy level, as well as strengthens your bones and muscles so you will not be easily injured. You would find this service in the Miami area. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Miami can be administered using injection, patches or oral supplementation.

Ups and Downs of Technological Innovation

There are two directions of emotions that I feel whenever I am reminded of my age. One is that I feel happy because I am able to reach an era of great innovation. Why, even roof repair has become very high-tech. Having just moved to Toronto with my daughter and her family, the house had to go a lot of repairs, especially the roof. Her husband got hold of RoofingMaster, one of many roofing contractors Toronto is famous for. As I had nothing better to do, I observed how these roofers come into the house to survey the damages using their gadgets and tools. In their presentation of the necessary repairs and the quotation of expenses,they were using tablets. Why, way back, these people had to carry heaps of paper for whatever project they have, but now, they walk freely with only gadgets and phones in hand. it was even more surprise when they finished the job in just two days. Why, before, these jobs would take a week, tops. They were also experts back then, but he experts of today are greatly helped with technology, and it is just amazing. These kinds of positive encounters are what I like most about reaching 68 years old. and I’m happy too, that despite my age, I am still able to understand how these technologies work, like the computer and the World Wide Web.

Sadly, though, the other emotion I get when I am reminded of my age is dismay. I am dismayed by how the younger generation seemed to value technology more than they value nature. Teenagers and adult alike would be terriefied of tterriefied not having their phone with them even just for a day. Some would say they would go crazy while others go as far as claiming that they would die. Ask them, however, if they could survive a day indoors, without a shade of greenery and the sun. They would probably answer that they can, as long as they have their phones or computers with them. This breaks my heart because people have depreciated value for nature. What once was a life of commitment to preserve the sea and protect the air from pollution has shrunk into a life of patronizing plastic products and using of technology like cars that pollute the air.

Now I know that there are still some people and companies out there who still fight for nature and who struggle everyday to look for ways to use technology not just for the betterment of human lives but also for the preservation of the environment. I just hope that more people become dedicated to environmental rehabilitation as well and become as dedicated as other people. Like how dedicated Roofing Master is to the craft of roofing Toronto establishments, people could really use that much dedication to try in even the littlest of things. This way, they will not only be preserving nature for future generations, but also preserve the lives of every human being on this planet.

Possible Effects Of Plastic Surgery On The Environment

Plastic surgery has become a very common procedure nowadays. Some people undergo this process to feel good with the way they look and to gain self confidence. Others need this to reconstruct an area that has been damaged due to trauma, accident or operation. If you’re a supporter of green programs, you may be asking if these plastic surgery procedures have a negative effect on the environment.

Various substances are used in these processes and some of them can be dangerous to the environment if not disposed properly. For instance, the silicone that’s used on breast implants can be dangerous to the surroundings if it raptures. However, disposing them the right way wouldn’t do any harm, which is what the medical industry does. If you’re planning to undergo plastic surgery but you’re concerned of its environmental effect, you may ask your doctor about the substances that would be used and how they are disposed. Here are some of the most common plastic surgery procedures available in different parts of the country, including South Jersey and Phoenix.

Breast Augmentation

This procedure adds fullness to the breasts. If you have small breasts and you wish to make them bigger, try breast augmentation in South Jersey. This will help enhance your body image, as well as your self esteem. Note that this is different from breast lift, which is another procedure that’s done to lift the breast. You may consider this if your breasts are sagging. You can have both procedures done if you wish. Just let your surgeon know about it.


Also called lipoplasty, this procedure eliminates hard to remove fats on various parts of the body by sucking the fats using a cannula. The instrument will be inserted under your skin to suck the fats like a vacuum. This is for those who have an ideal weight but can’t seem to remove stored fats on specific areas. Liposuction in Phoenix is performed by the experts in the field. It’s not considered as a weight loss option. If you’re looking for a procedure that would help you lose weight, you may consider various weight surgery including gastric bypass and gastric balloon surgery.

Eyelid Surgery

Puffy eyes, bulginess and dark circles around the eyes and drooping eyelids can make you look older, angry and tired and this is usually the first thing that people see when they look at you. If you feel conscious with the way your eyes look because of the said concerns, you may consider eyelid surgery. Your will look more youthful and lively once you have this done.

Nose Reshaping

Also known as rhinoplasty, it’s a procedure that can help enhance the proportion, as well as the appearance of your nose. It could also help resolve breathing problems caused by the nose structure. General anesthesia or intravenous sedation may be used during the process. Swelling may be visible after the procedure, which can subside after a few weeks.

Whatever type of surgery that you’re planning to get make sure that you only hire a reliable and experienced surgeon that specializes on the area that you need help with.

Taking the Green Approach With E-Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes are the new way forward – and this isn’t just for your health. E-cigarettes are having a positive impact on the environment. They lead to cleaner streets, beaches and parks and they lead to cleaner air because you’re not rebuying the same disposable product: a plain old cigarette or a disposable e-cig. This seems too good to be true doesn’t it?

So, how are electronic cigarettes leading the way forward with a healthier application to smoking? Instead of the thousands of chemicals that you will find in normal cigarettes, mixed with tar and heavens knows what else, e-cigs release comparatively less. This is good news for people when they exercise, e-cigs sit less heavily on your lungs and exercise is easier.

Plus, you’re getting the chemical you want: nicotine – without all that hassle of thousands of other chemicals. Apart from being healthier, you also get a great range of flavors so you can enjoy smoking a richer range than ever before. This part of e-cigarette smoking is really enjoyable; you can mix and match choosing the flavors you like the best.

E-cigarette companies like Ippuku have developed organic e-liquids for their e-cigs, so that your smoke isn’t tainted by chemicals. Instead of a crazy substance like propylene glycol, organic e-liquids use a vegetable glycerin base. These are certified by the USDA and won’t cause you any allergic reactions. It’s worth mentioning again: they also have fewer chemicals present than regular cigarettes.

Ippuku have electronic cigarette products that are aware of the environment. It’s easy to be fed up with seeing butts in the streets and people throwing their cigarettes into the sea. These e-cigs are refillable and have rechargeable batteries. Using refillable and rechargeable e-cigarettes means you’re not throwing away a disposable e-cig, nor are you throwing away a regular cigarette butt.

Regular cigarettes are everywhere these days, but disposable e-cig products are also a problem, you throw away the packaging and the e-cig- sounds silly really. Butts are a pain in the eyes, but waste is just waste. Electronic cigarettes aren’t the kind of thing you want to just throw away.

Also, without trash bins, the countryside and the ocean really suffer. It’s a real problem for our local environments and our tourist attractions which are being damaged by careless people. The plastic butts of regular cigarettes take a long time to break down in the environment, sometimes up to hundreds of years! With this, discarded butts poison the local environment and damage the local wildlife. They shouldn’t be harmed by the toxic chemicals in discarded butts, this isn’t fair on nature.

Well, it’s all there, electronic cigarettes are better for your health with less chemicals and easier exercise. With brands like Ippuku you’re also getting organic e-liquid flavors tailored to your needs. E-cigs are also better for the streets, the beaches and the countryside, with less stuff thrown away- butts and packaging too. Making the switch to electronic cigarettes- as a healthier option and as an option which does less damage to the environment- is a must.

Give Your Old Clothes and Socks a Second Life

Our personal wardrobes often change depending on the season, the fit, and the purpose. Clothes that we used to wear frequently may be relegated to the bottom of the closet if they are no longer fashionable. Some jeans may have become too small or too big. Some socks may lose their former appeal. Although we have pulled them out of the regular rotation, many of these items are in good condition. Other people may be grateful to have them as part of their collection or as materials for different projects. By recycling old clothes, we free up valuable storage space and help the planet by minimizing waste. We can do this through the following ways:

Give Them Away to the People Close to You

Friends, relatives, colleagues, and others in your tight personal network might appreciate some of the items in your closet. Try to segregate the nicer ones from the rest and think of the people who would love to have these clothes. Certain family members might be into this style or that. Give them the ones which fit their personality. These unique gifts are sure to bring smiles to their faces. You will also help them save some cash while still being fashionable.

Donate the Old Clothes to Charity

There are a lot of charitable institutions which accept used clothes. Just make sure to send items that are in fairly good shape and keep the tattered clothes which are no longer wearable. Heavily stained and damaged pieces can still be recycled but in other ways. Try to donate shirts, pants, and socks that perhaps have designs that you have outgrown. You might not like their colors and patterns but somebody else might love them.

Look up recycling programs by textile companies. A number of them accept clothes that fit into specific categories. They classify items according to the material, type and state. Some of the more valuable pieces may end up restored to their original glory. Others may be used as materials for an altogether different product like a tennis ball or a rag.

Torn clothes are not necessarily useless. They can still be utilized as hand towels and similar cleaning materials. In this manner, households no longer need to purchase new towels which will inevitably get dirty anyway. Socks are ideal for this purpose.

Use Them as Materials for Arts and Craft Projects

Handcrafted toys are quite popular online. Those with a talent for sewing can make use of old clothes for their personal projects. Little children will be delighted to receive stuffed animals as gifts for their birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. The textile may also be converted into more practical accessories like purses, bags, and the like. It may even be possible to produce blankets, curtains and quilts. You can get plenty of ideas on what to create by browsing the Web.

Try to Sell Them to Interested Parties

There may be items in your collection that are still quite valuable despite their age. Second-hand pieces from known brands can sell very well if you find the right buyer. You could try to go to stores that specialize in this trade if you have a lot of things to dispose of. Online selling is another feasible route.

Cleaning up Our Act: One Oil Spill at a Time

The world wasn’t like this when we were young. It was cleaner, greener, less chemicals and pesticides and people respected nature. We fished only for what we needed, kept the lakes clean so we could swim in it and didn’t dump waste on our rivers and oceans.

Times have indeed changed. A few decades later and we’re told that there’s a hole in the ozone layer. What used to be clean oceans are now filled with toxic waste and chemicals. It’s a sad, sad thing for us elderly people to see – because we’ve seen better. We’ve seen this world at its best and we don’t want to leave without doing anything to make it better.

One of the environmental issues that we are concerned about is an oil spill. It brings so much damage to the affected area not only because it kills plant and animal life, but because it poisons everything that it comes into contact with. Children and adults should not be swimming in an area where industrial-grade oil has been spilled.

Whenever we receive news of such an occurrence, we organize a clean-up drive and help educate the people in those communities about the proper thing to do. The petroleum companies do not always react immediately when situations like this arise. It is true that the first line of defense is the people living there.

We’re old people so we can’t do all the back breaking work by ourselves anymore. What we can do is call for a meeting and orient the community leaders on what to do. We tell them how long they should not be fishing, how far from the infected waters and beaches they should and so on. We also bring the necessary clean up supplies such as hessian bags, shovels, protective gear and so on. We also have rubber boats and oars to help people get in the water much more quickly.

Other members in the group likewise teach the women and children how to do handicrafts and other livelihood programs. Since their breadwinners cannot fish for some time, it will be good if they knew an alternative means to make a living. After all the world does not stop because of one oil spill. We just hope mother nature’s regenerative powers are still intact.

3 Reasons Why Wooden Decking is Better than Plastic

If you intend to build an aesthetically pleasing patio, or extend your living space by adding a deck at your residence there are multiple choices that have to be made in the entire process. The number one factor that most people take into consideration is, affordability and budgeting. Almost every other person wants an impressive, luxurious yet affordable option for their decking needs. This leads to the selection of composite materials over wooden materials. Here are 3 reasons why wooden decking is better than any other alternative. 

Environmentally Friendly
By using wood as the primary material to construct a deck, one of the major benefits that it offers over others is its friendliness towards the environment. Wood absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and keeps it locked until it decays. Plastic, on the other hand, is created with a mixture of wood and composite materials which makes it unsustainable and it's after life is not productive in any way either. The only thing that can be done to demolish plastic is to burn it, which sends harmful emissions in the air causing air pollution. Comparatively, wood can be recycled in a number of green friendly ways, such as having it sent to the local council for recycling or chipping it to turn it into soil. 

Long Term Sustainability
While wood has a quality of being flexible according to the weather, it lasts longer than plastic. The benefit of installing wooden decking is it is a long term solution to your decking needs. Installation of a good quality deck lasts longer than 10 years without a lot of maintenance and overhead costs. A few companies offer the services of installing high quality wooden decking that also comes with a guarantee of lasting for a number of years. Decking samples like are some of the best examples of long term sustainable designs and materials. 

Aesthetically Pleasing
Wood can be carved into rich textures and shapes, or can be polished into beautiful colors to maintain its original look with a class of elegance. Not only is wood an aesthetically pleasing material to be used for outdoor and indoor architectural needs, the final result of a wood product can outweigh the final look of any other alternative material. Along with its inviting look, wood is naturally capable of fighting off climatic changes and with only a few precautions can be safeguarded against termites and other insects. 

How Solar Air Conditioning and Heating Can Cut Your Power Usage

Air conditioning and heating a home or business is expensive and air conditioners and heaters are often high energy draw appliances. Electric heating and cooling is now one of the highest yearly household expenses and much of the electricity generated for this purpose produces carbon emissions. This means that the cooling and heating of your home could actually be contributing to climate change! The human race needs to find ways to reduce our reliance on electricity from coal and other sources of pollution, which is why we advocate solar air conditioning and heating where possible. These systems have been developed in recent years and are now available for commercial and residential use.

Solar Air Conditioning
There are many different types of solar air conditioning systems, but the most common are split system/inverter air conditioners and ducted systems. The solar split system design uses a special solar collector (thermal unit) to pressurize the gas in the compressor. This can cut energy bills and power usage by up to 90%! The ducted systems are mainly used for multiple room installations and are far more expensive in the initial outlay. However, they can be fully solar powered and cost nothing to run once they are setup.

Solar Heating
The basic system of solar heating uses evacuated tube collectors to heat air and/or water. This heat is then distributed around the house to produce allergy free heating, even in overcast conditions. An alternative is ducted heating, which is similar but offers multiple room installation. These are more expensive in the initial outlay than electric or gas heating, but the running costs are considerably lower. The disadvantage of this option is that these systems become less effective on days with heavy cloud and they will not work at night.

Potential Developments
The Australian national science agency, the CSIRO, has developed a new solar heating and cooling solution that is currently being trailed. This technology relies on a patented system of using solar collectors to heat water, which is then used to heat or cool the home. It is currently in trial phase and will be released to the public in the near future. You can find out more about these and other new developments in solar air conditioning and heating here. We are certainly excited about this technology reaching the mainstream!

Energy Savings and Environmental Impact
The energy savings from running solar heating and cooling can be quite considerable. For example, installing a single solar air conditioning unit can cut a summer power bill by more than $200. A ducted system in a larger family home could cut your cooling costs by more than $400. A business, which operates only in daylight hours, could save more than $1000! It is important to carefully calculate your current heating and cooling energy usage to determine how much you will be able to save. There are also environmental factors to consider as well. Reducing your energy usage means that you will be reducing your carbon emissions and reducing your impact on climate change. This is a positive change, and we can only hope that more people will begin to adopt solar heating and cooling options for their homes and businesses.

Mobile Office: A Real Environmental Saver

In this world where a lot of people are becoming more irresponsible, the existence of volunteers for keeping the environment clean and safe has become indispensable. Regardless of how much environmental propagandas are being released by the government, the number of people that do not pay attention to the current state of our surroundings remains high. Thus, we baby boomers are still continuing our advocacy for a clean environment, which started a few decades ago.

Almost all the parts of the country have been modernized and turned into commercial areas. This set up is completely understandable because it is needed for the development of the country’s economy, but the sad part is that people tend to forget the importance and benefits of a healthy, natural environment. Since most areas are now populated and full of concrete buildings, it is now a bit harder to have a breath of fresh air.

It is such a good thing to know that young entrepreneurs today are thinking about nature conservation.  Instead of constructing more buildings for business operations and production, office trailers are now used, which benefits nature a lot. Office trailers look like a big metal cargo box that is designed to provide multi-purpose space. Originally, these containers are used in freight management and shipping, but because many people never stop looking for environment-friendly alternatives, the old cargo containers are being refurbished.

There are many available office trailers for rent, just like what they have on this website. Small businesses are the top clients of office trailer rentals because it gives them savings on rent for permanent office space. Mobile office trailers also offer many benefits:

  • It can be taken anywhere the client would like, which is perfect for businesses that require a lot of traveling.
  • Since there are no minimum rental days required, office trailers are great as temporary offices, classrooms, and emergency management centers.
  • Office trailers are also used for outreach programs and rescue operations handled by organizations. These are used as a temporary stock room for goods and other supplies for distribution.

Temporary mobile spaces are indeed a quick solution for businesses short on operational cash. The material is recycled, does not require hardwood and saves land from being turned into commercial spaces.